Halkirk District Benefit Fund receives an annual payment from the Causeymire Wind Farm, which is owned
and managed by Ventient Energy. The wind farm is situated near several sites of special scientific interest
and is part of the wider Flow Country area. There are 21 turbines within the wind farm. The annual
payment is index linked and is calculated at £0.00 per MW of energy.

Area of benefit

Halkirk and District Community Council area and including Altnabraec, Banniskirk, Calder, Georgemas,
Harpsdale, Spittal, Mybster and Westerdale

About this fund

The aim of this fund is to advance education and relieve poverty for the benefit of the public and to
provide facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation and leisure.

  1. Provision of facilities for meetings, lectures classes and entertainment and for other forms of
    education, recreation, and leisure time occupation
  2. Provision of facilities for the young and elderly including mother and toddler groups, playgroups,
    out of school care groups, youth groups, young adults, senior citizens, and elderly
  3. Provision of facilities for those of any age who have special needs including the mentally and
    physically handicapped, athletes and sports persons.
  4. Provision of training, education, meetings, lectures, seminars and talks and the promotion and
    publication of leaflets, pamphlets books and articles, whether concerned with the area of benefit or
  5. Bringing together in the furtherance of the objects of the company of any organisations whether
    incorporated or unincorporated, statutory, or non-statutory bodies or individuals
  6. Promotion for the benefit of the public of the environment and its enhancement and
  7. The research, collation, recording, publication by any means, dissemination, and promotion of the
    history of the Area of Benefit. “

Who can apply to the fund?

What cannot be funded

Additional points for consideration


Applicants requesting funding for community activities or projects should demonstrate they have undertaken consultations with the project’s intended beneficiaries and can clearly evidence community support.

Partnership working

Applicants should consider whether delivering their project in partnership with other organisations / groups will add value to their project. This could involve working with voluntary, private, or public sector bodies.

Local procurement

Where possible, applicants should consider local providers of the goods and services they are seeking a grant towards. However, this should be shown to offer the best value, balancing considerations of cost, availability, and quality.

Costs / Quotes

Decision making process


Halkirk District Benefit Fund is run by a board of Directors. Each year at the Annual General Meeting Directors who have served their time on the board step down. Members of the fund can be nominated to take a position on the Board of Directors. There are seven places on the Board of Directors.

The process

All applications to the fund are assessed by the administrator prior to being sent to the Board of Directors. The checks we have in place are to prevent fraud and limit risks.

Governing documents

We check:

  1. Your organisation has charitable purposes, and these are described in your governing document.
  2. Your governing document includes suitable restrictions on the disposal of assets under the
    organisation’s control and, its management committee or board members’ remuneration. It should
    a. A charitable dissolution clause (or ‘asset lock’) stating that on winding up the organisation’s net
    assets must be put towards a similar charitable purpose(s) to that of the organisation.
    b. Suitable restraints on the provision of benefit to individuals.
    c. If the governing document allows for the remuneration of any Board or management committee
    members your organisation it must comply with OSCR’s guidance on this.

Management committee

We check:

  1. There is a minimum of three unrelated persons on the management committee or Board.
  2. Most of your management committee or Board members are unrelated.

Accounts and financial procedures

We check:

  1. Your latest set of approved accounts. These will need to have been approved by your management
    committee or Board. If your organisation is less than 18 months old, no accounts are required.
  2. Registered charities, your accounts must be prepared in accordance with the requirements of
    Office Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR).
  3. The organisation name on your accounts must match the name on the governing document and
    bank account.
  4. You must have your own bank account.
  5. Your financial transactions are required to be either authorised (before payment) or checked (after
    payment) by another person independent of the person initiating the payment.
  6. Where possible your appointed account signatories must not be related. This is to safeguard against fraud or misuse of charitable funds in the organisation’s control.

Policies, procedures, and safeguarding

We expect applicants to have adopted or be developing policies and procedures appropriate to the
organisation’s size and purpose and in line with any legal requirements.

If your organisation’s core activities, or the project you are applying for, includes work with children and / or vulnerable adults, you must have an appropriate Safeguarding Policy and, procedures setting out how the policy is implemented in place before application.

Included in your policy should be:

  1. The purpose & scope of the policy in a statement
  2. Suitable training in safeguarding
  3. Safe arrangements for all work involving vulnerable adults/children and young people.
  4. Procedures for responding to and reporting abuse or suspected abuse.
  5. Contact details, of at least one nominated Safeguarding person.

Your project

We check:

  1. The project fits the fund criteria.
  2. The organisations competence and financial status
  3. How the project has been identified
  4. How the project has been planned.
  5. The budget planning to ensure it is realistic.

Additional information

For some projects the administrator may require additional information. To present to the Board If this is
required you will be contacted by telephone or email and asked to provide this.


Applicants will be informed of the Board decision within 2 weeks of the Board meeting advising next steps and any conditions of offer. Unsuccessful applications can receive feedback to help them understand why their application was not funded.

All decisions are final.

There are currently no case studies.